Jan 12 thru 29 – Touring in Chile, as guest artist, with ‘Naked band’ from Serbia

Feb 9 – Inhale-Exhale solo concert at the Confederation house in Jerusalem/Israel

May 14 – Inhale-Exhale solo performance in honor of the new P. Mauriat Saxophones endorsement

May 23 – Inhale-Exhale solo concert, Budapest/Hungary, collaborating onstage with the Hungarian InFusion trio, in honor of the Israeli Independence day.

May 27 – Guest artist with the Jazz Fusion trio MaBaSo, at the ‘Open mind Jazz Festival’ in Tychy/Poland

May 28 – Babel Gumbo(Inhale-Exhale II) first release, solo concert, at the Castle of Budapest, as part of the Buda Folk Festival, Budapest/Hungary

June 5 & 6 – Babel Gumbo/Inhale-Exhale solo concerts at the WinesISRAEL festival in Zichron Yaakov/Israel


Aug 19 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at Elma, Zichron Yaakov, Israel

Jul 23 – guest artist with Serbian band “Naked” at Babel sound festival, Balatonboglar, Hungary

Jul 19 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at Babel sound festival, Balatonboglar, Hungary

Jul 14 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at East-West house, Jaffa, Israel

Jun 17 – “Inhale-Exhale” performance at Emek Yizrael, Israel

May 25 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert, Copenhagen, Denmark

May 10 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at Szimpla Kert, Budapest, Hungary

Apr 27 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at Festival with moustache, Jaffa, Israel

Mar 19 – “Inhale-Exhale” performance at International Tourism Fair, Zagreb, Croatia

Mar 16 – “Inhale-Exhale” workshop/master class, Beer Sheva, Israel

Feb 19 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at Jazz Metting Point Series, Rijeka, Croatia


Dec 01 – “Inhale-Exhale” workshop/Master class , Nordiya, Israel

Nov 13 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at Komplex 457 club , Zurich, Switzerland

Oct 27 – “Inhale-Exhale” performance at the Pujiang innovation forum , Shanghai, China

Sep 26 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at the Jazz festival in Strzelce Opolskie, Poland

Aug 25 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert with guest artists, at Shablul Jazz club, Tel Aviv, Israel

Jun 02 – “Inhale-Exhale” is honored to take part in celebrating 90 years for the Hebrew University  in Jerusalem, Israel

May 08 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert near Ljubljana, Slovenia

Apr 23 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert , Shkoder, Albania

Apr 22 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at the “Spring Jazz nights” festival,  Tirana, Albania

Apr 21 – “Inhale-Exhale” workshop/Master class at the Arts University of Tirana, Albania

Apr 07 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at The Museum of Islamic art, Jerusalem, Israel

Mar 01 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert , Leipzig, Germany

Feb 28 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at the S.m.a.c. Museum, Chemnitz, Germany

Jan 04 – “Inhale-Exhale” workshorp/masterclass in the First Israeli Sax day, Schtricker conservatorium of music, Tel Aviv, Israel


Dec 20 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert in Zagreb, Croatia

Dec 02 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert in Čakovec (Tjedan Izraela festival), Croatia

Aug 01 – Guest solo artist at “OFF” festival in Katowice, Poland

Jun 14 – Guest solo artist with the Symphonette Ra’anana orchestra in Ra’anana, Israel

Jun 11 – Guest solo artist with the Symphonette Ra’anana orchestra in Ra’anana, Israel

Jun 10 – Guest solo artist with the Symphonette Ra’anana orchestra in Haifa, Israel

Jun 08 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo performance at Sunday school NIST in Bangkok ,Thailand

Jun 05 – concert with the BSO (Bangkok Symphonic Orchestra) at Thailand Cultural Center in Bangkok, Thailand

Jun 03 – “Inhale-Exhale” performance for the children at “Mercy center” in Bangkok, Thailand

Jun 02 – charity performance for CP children at the foundation for disabled in Bangkok, Thailand

May 28 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) in Phnom-Penh, Cambodia

May 27 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert with local traditional Khmer, guest musicians, from the “Cambodian Living arts” at the Meta House in Phnom-Penh, Cambodia

May 26 – solo Performance in honor of Israeli Independence day, at Siam Kempinski in Bangkok-Thailand

May 21 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at the castle “Ljubljanski grad” in Ljubljana, Slovenia

May 10 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at the city hall auditorium in Thessaloniki, Greece

May 09 – mini concert at the International book fair in Thessaloniki ,Greece


Oct 06 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at Hebraica, Sao Paolo, Brazil (Kleztival 2013)
Oct 05 – solo performence at Fabrica de Cultura de Sapopemba , Sao Paolo, Brazil(Kleztival 2013)
Oct 03 – “Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at Sesc santana Auditorium in Sao Paolo, Brazil (Kleztival 2013)
Oct 02 – workshop at Choro Blue school project. Sao Paolo, Brazil
Sep 20 – Plovdiv, Bulgaria (“Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at the “Balabanov house”)
Sep 19 – Varna, Bulgaria (“Inhale-Exhale” solo concert in the City Art Gallery)
Sep 17 – Veliko Trnovo, Bulgaria (“Inhale-Exhale” solo concert)
Sep 16 – Vratsa, Bulgaria (“Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at the City’s Museum)
Sep 15 – Sofia, Bulgaria (“Inhale-Exhale” solo concert at Square of the National Palace of Culture, within the Jewish Street Festival)
Sep 03 – Tel Aviv, Israel („Inhale-Exhale“ solo concert at Shablul Jazz club)
Aug 06 – Poreč, Croatia („Inhale-Exhale“ solo concert at Trg Slobode – main city square)
Aug 05 – Pula, Croatia („Inhale-Exhale“ solo concert at Temple of Augustus – main city square)
Jul 20 – Appolonia (Fier), Albania („Inhale-Exhale“ solo concert)
Jul 16 – Tirana, Albania („Inhale-Exhale“ solo concert at Palati Kultures)
Jul 10 – Lodz, Poland (guest artist at the 6th Summer Jazz Academy concert, Wytwornia)
Jun 27 – Tel Aviv, Israel („Inhale-Exhale“ solo performance at Shablul Jazz club)
Jun 06 – New York, NY, USA („Inhale-Exhale“ solo performance at Drom club, Manhattan)
Jun 02 – New York, NY, USA (Celebrate Israel parade in Manhattan’s 5th Ave)
May 19 – Chicago, IL, USA („Inhale-Exhale“ solo performance at Mayne Stage Chicago)
Mar 29 – Tel Aviv, Israel (performance at Shablul Jazz club as guest artist with Yaron Gershovsky, Eli Magen and Yossi Peppo Levi)
Mar 16 – Thessaloniki, Greece (guest artist with the Thessaloniki Philharmonic Orcherstra)
Mar 11 – Tel Aviv, Israel (live performance on Israeli radio IBA for International Women’s day)
Jan 12&13 – New York, NY (with The Idan Raichel Project at The Town Hall NYC)


Aug 17 – Nis, Serbia (performance at the Nisville International Jazz Festival)
Aug 10 – Bansko, Bulgaria (performance at the Bansko International Jazz Festival)
Jul 19-21 – New Taipei City, Taiwan (performances at New Taipei City World Music and Dance Festival)
Jun 23 – Washington, D.C. (performance at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Millennium Stage)
May 16 – New York City (performance at Joe’s Pub, part of Jazzrael Festival, with guest vocalist Nurit Glaron)
Mar 21 – Zagreb, Croatia (performance at the Bulldog Club)
Mar 19 – Zagreb, Croatia (performance at the Gradska Kavana, part of the Israeli Culture Festival)
Mar 04 – Chemnitz, Germany (performance at the 20 days of Jewish Culture Festival)
Feb 23 – Pazardzhik, Bulgaria (guest artist with the Pazardzhik Symphony Orchestra)


Dec 27 – Tel Aviv, Israel (performance at the ACUM Festival)
Aug 09 – Bansko, Bulgaria (performance at the Bansko International Jazz Festival)
Aug 07 – Varna, Bulgaria (performance at the Roman Baths with the Vayana Vocal Quintet and Opera Singers)
Jul 30 – Balatonlelle, Hungary (performance at Babel Kert)
Jul 29 – Novalja, Croatia (performance at the Israeli Culture Festival)
Jul 27 – Novalja, Croatia (performance at the Israeli Culture Festival Opening Ceremony)
Jul 19 – Fonyod-Liget, Hungary (performance at the Babel Sound Festival)
Jul 10 – Wroclaw, Poland (performance at the White Stork Synagogue)
Jun 28 – Yerevan, Armenia (performance in honor of Israel’s 63rd year of independence, invited by the Israeli Ambassador)
Jun 16 – Pleven, Bulgaria (guest soloist with the Pleven Philharmonic Orchestra)
May 04 – New York City (performance at Pianos, with guest artist Mino Cinelu)
Feb-Apr: Southern States USA Tour: Visiting Artist in Residence Program of the Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, coordinated by the Goldring Woldenberg Institute for Southern Jewish Life (ISJL)
Apr 28 – Norfolk, Virginia (performance at the Virginia Arts Festival)
Apr 23 – Staunton, Virginia (performance at Temple House of Israel)
Apr 22 – Richmond, Virginia (performance at Congregation Beth Ahabah)
Apr 16 – Winston-Salem, North Carolina (performance at the UMC Church)
Apr 12 – Starkville, Mississippi (performance at Mississippi State University)
Apr 03 – Ridgeland, Mississippi (performance at the Renaissance Arts Festival with the Raphael Semmes Jazz & Blues Ensemble)
Mar 27 – Jackson, Mississippi (performance at the Wells Memorial United Methodist Church)
Mar 19 – Jackson, Mississippi (led the Mal’s St. Paddy’s Parade, playing the Highland Bagpipes)
Mar 08 – Atlanta, Georgia (performance at the Apache Cafe)
Mar 02 – Jackson, Mississippi (performance at Montgomery VA Medical Center)
Feb 24 – Oxford, Mississippi (performance at the University of Mississippi)
Feb 19 – Little Rock, Arkansas (performance at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock)
Feb 18 – Little Rock, Arkansas (master class at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock


Nov 23,24,25 – Chengdu, China (performances for Israeli Culture Week Festival)
Nov 18 – Tel Aviv, Israel (Inhale-Exhale album release performance at Tel Aviv Museum of Art)
May 27 – Lima, Peru (performance at the University of Lima)
May 26 – Trujillo, Peru (performance at the Cesar Vallejo University)
May 25 – Lima, Peru (performance at the Biblioteca Nacional, Mario Vargas Lliosa Auditorium
Feb-May: Southern States, USA Tour: Visiting Artist in Residence Program of the Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, coordinated by the Goldring Woldenberg Institute for Southern Jewish Life (ISJL)
May 15 – Tulsa, Oklahoma (performance at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame)
May 10 – Indianola, Mississippi (performance at the B.B. King Museum)
Apr 30 – Hot Springs, Arkansas (master class at Oachita Baptist College for music students
Apr 28 – Huntsville, Alabama (interview and feature on Alabama PBS Television)
Apr 24 – Lafayette, Louisiana (performance at Festival International de Louisiane)
Apr 23 – Lafayette, Louisiana (master class for music students at the University of Louisiana
Apr 9 – Tupelo, Mississippi (performance)
Apr 8 – Tupelo, Mississippi (master class at Itawamba Community College)
Apr 5 – Vicksburg, Mississippi (performance at Southern Cultural Center)
Apr 2 – Memphis, Tennessee (master class for University of Memphis music department)
Mar 5 – Jackson, Mississippi (master class at Jackson State University for jazz students)
Mar 3 – Hattiesburg, Mississippi (master class at the University of Southern Mississippi for jazz students)
Feb 5 – Lake Charles, Louisiana (Benefit Concert for Haiti at Temple Sinai. Amir received the “Key to the Town” and an “Honorary Citizen of Lake Charles”certificate, from Mayor Randy Roach)


Jul 1 – Katowice, Poland (EuroMed Music Festival with Sleeping Camels)
Jun 29 – Belgrade, Serbia (EuroMed Music Festival with Sleeping Camels)
Jun 28 – Budapest, Hungary (EuroMed Music Festival with Sleeping Camels)
Feb – Manila, Philippines (multiple performances at Philippines International Jazz & Arts Festival)


Nov 30 – Tel Aviv, Israel (Shablul Jazz Club, “Inhale-Exhale”’s onstage premiere)

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